Hand-crafted jewellery made in Florence

Since 1997 we have been creating marvellous jewellery in gold-plated brass, developed and crafted to amaze you: the attention to detail, crafting by hand and careful selection of semi-precious stones make each of our creations unique.

Where to find us

Our workshop is located near Ponte Vecchio, Florence, in an area historically famous for its superior quality of goldsmiths and jewellers. The splendid setting of our work place is a source of inspiration every day and our jewellery embraces all the beauty that surrounds us.


Earrings, rings, brooches, necklaces and bracelets: each Maurizio Mori creation blends a classic style with creativity, elegance and painstaking design.

A unique personality interpreting authentic marvels of Florentine jewellery.

  • Florentine craft workshop
  • Manual craftsmanship and painstaking care in detail
  • Classic and sophisticated style